Mumbai Airport (BOM) : 3 things you do not know

Mumbai airport (BOM) has two terminals. The first one is called Terminal 1B and another one is called Terminal 2 or T2.

Terminal 1B: 1B is a domestic terminal and most of the domestic flights take off and land here. airport terminal 1B is located in Santacruz.

Terminal 2: T2 is called International Airport T2 some people still call this place Sahar International airport which has been renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai. T2 is located in Andheri and it is used for Domestic as well as international flights.

Both terminals use the same facility as a runway but it looks like two different airports from the city side.

Pro Tip: whenever you search for the airport or you are booking an on-demand taxi always put the drop location or the pick-up location as terminal 1B or terminal T2 in Google maps to avoid confusion or trip cancellation by drivers.

Most people always get confused about these terminals.

Mumbai Airport T2 to Terminal 1B:

It takes around 5 minutes if you are taking the elevated road, but from Terminal 1B to Termail 2 it might take up to 30 minutes because of traffic and there is no direct access to the elevated road, so you have to go till Andheri Bridge and take a U-turn before entering the elevated road to reach international airport Mumbai.

Pro Tip: If you are in a hurry and you know your airport you might want to check with the driver if he is familiar with the airport entrance because one wrong turn can cost you up to 30 minutes delay.

One more very important thing before leaving the taxi check if you have arrived at the right terminal before leaving the taxi otherwise you won’t be able to get a taxi immediately and the taxi which is available may charge you up to Rs.2000 for 2 to 4 km journey.

Pickup: For domestic 1B there is one dedicated pickup point for all the taxis and private car pick up. There is Rs.140 Charge for pickup for the commercial taxies and if you are taking your private car there is no pick-up fee for up to 5 minutes after that you have to pay Rs.130 for the pickup. Apart from that, there are also parking fees if you have parked inside the airport parking area.

Pro Tip: Do not park your car on the road there are traffic police who will raise an eChallan for parking on the road.

Terminal 2: this is a new multi-story parking and pickup point. You might be at a different level. So ask your driver to meet at P4 P5 P6 or P7 etc. There are Rs.140 parking fees for 30 mins of the general parking.

Mumbai Airport Facts:

  • There are 108 Parking stands for aircraft
  • There are 60 Boarding bridges
  • 192 Check-in counters for passengers
  • At a time 5,000 Cars can be parked at Mumbai Airport

Pro tip: Many people end up at Kalina if they just enter Mumbai Airport. This is an error in Google maps for a long time.

Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC)

Mumbai airport has India’s second tallest ATC tower which is 85 meters tall. The Highest ATC tower is in Delhi which is about 102 meters tall. The ATC tower is located at Terminal 1B in the parking area. The triangular three-dimensional structure ATC tower won the Hong Kong Building Information Modelling (BIM) Award for the year 2009. The tower was inaugurated on 18 October 2013 and started operations on 1 January 2014.

Official Airport Website can be accessed at

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